Board of Directors

The management and operation of the company and school is the responsibility of the Virginia Ballet Company’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of a minimum of nine members, plus the Artistic Director of the Company and School in an ex officio capacity. The Board of Directors is a group of volunteer individuals elected annually by a corporate membership that consists of all the adult students and parents of students in the school. Members of Virginia Ballet Company’s Board of Directors represent various fields of discipline and professional environments, including accounting, program management, military analysis, academia, and independent business.

The following individuals are currently serving on the Virginia Ballet Company and School Board of Directors:

Amy Normann President
Philemon Johnson Vice President
Barbara Mirabello Treasurer
Charity Hartley Secretary
Tish Cordova Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director, Virginia Ballet Company and School, Inc.
Candra Preshong Artistic Director, Impact Dance Company


Members –

  • Tanya Bridges
  • Callie Call
  • Brian Edmunds
  • Dawne LeKang
  • Ann McGinnis