All New students (Pre-Ballet I and above) to Virginia Ballet School must take a placement class. Students are placed into levels based on knowledge, ability, and age. We enroll students in the Preschool and Primary Division on an 18-week semester basis. Please call to schedule a placement class to start the process of enrollment.

Pre-Ballet II, Beginning Ballet I-III, and Pre-Teen/Teen students are eligible to participate in Virginia Ballet Company’s annual production of The Nutcracker.


The Pre-Ballet level builds on the basic skills dancers learn in creative movement and creates a more structured class setting. Dancers learn vocabulary, positions, counting, and basic combinations. Dancers new to ballet begin at this level to set the foundation in ballet technique.



Beginning Ballet

Dancers progress to the Beginning Ballet level once they are familiar with the basic vocabulalary, movements, and positions. More skills are introduced and combined with the introductory skills learned in Pre-Ballet.