Specialty Classes

2017–2018 Class Schedule

Flamenco Classes

Wednesday7:45-9:00pmFlamenco (16-adult ages)studio A Fadeyeva
Saturday11:30-12:30pmFlamenco (13-adult ages)studio A Fadeyeva

Hip Hop Classes

Friday5:15-6:15pmBeginning Hip Hop (8-15 year olds)studio B Claytor
Friday6:15-7:15pmInter/Beg Hip Hop (13-adult ages)studio B Claytor

Tap Classes

Saturday9:00-10:00amBeginning Tap (adults)studio C Miegel
Saturday1:30-2:30pmBeginning Tap (ages 9&up)studio B Claytor

Jazz Classes

Monday8:15-9:15pmBeginning Jazz(adults)studio C Miegel
Tuesday10:00-11:00amBeginning Jazz(adults)studio B Claytor
Tuesday6:45-7:45pmJazz(ages 13 and up)studio A McGinnis

Conditioning Classes

Monday9:30-10:30amStretch Tone Yogastudio C Mirabello
Monday7:30-8:30pmStretch Tone Yogastudio C Mirabello
Tuesday5:15-6:45pmCore Strength Training
(13-adult ages)
studio A Harakal
Tuesday6:45-7:45pmCore Strength Training
(Adult Only Class)
studio C Harakal
Wednesday12:45-1:45pmStretch Tone Yogastudio C Mirabello
Wednesday7:45-8:45pmStretch Tone Yogastudio C Mirabello

*Class Schedule is Subject to Change. Virginia Ballet Company and School reserves the right to add, cancel or combine classes on the class schedule based on class enrollment.