Advanced Contemporary Dance (Pre-professional)

2016–2017 Academic Student Class Schedule

Classes for advanced contemporary dance students are shown below.

Advanced Classes

Monday5:15-6:15pm Balletstudio A Cordova
Monday6:15-7:45pm Pointe &  Variationsstudio A Cordova
Monday7:45-8:45pm Modernstudio A Siller
Tuesday5:15-6:45pmCore Strength Trainingstudio A Harakal
Tuesday6:45-7:45pm Characterstudio A McGinnis
Tuesday7:45-8:45pm Modernstudio A McGinnis
Wednesday5:15-6:45pm Balletstudio BFadeyeva
Wednesday6:45-7:45pm Pointestudio AFadeyeva
Wednesday7:45-8:45pmDynamic Flexibility
Strength Tr.
studio BSiller
Thursday6:15-7:45pmBalletstudio A Fadeyeva
Thursday7:45-8:45pmPas de Deuxstudio A Fadeyeva
Friday5:15-6:15pmBalletstudio A Fadeyeva
Friday6:15-7:15pmHip Hopstudio B Claytor
Saturday10:00-11:30pmBalletstudio A Fadeyeva


11:30-12:30pmFlamencostudio AFadeyeva


12:30-1:30pmPractical Dance Theorystudio AFadeyeva


1:30-2:30pmContemporarystudio BEglin


11:00-12:00pmModern / Contemporarystudio BEglin
*Class Schedule is Subject to Change. Virginia Ballet Company and School reserves the right to add, cancel or combine classes on the class schedule based on class enrollment.
Next Steps

Advanced Contemporary Dance

Tuition and Fees –  IMPACT dance company

Minimum number of recommended classes: 

  • 2 Ballet class
  • 2 Modern/Contemporary class
  • 1 Dynamic Flexibility Strength Tr. Class
  • 1 Beginning Tap (elective)
  • 1 Hip Hop class (elective)

* IMPACT dance company students are expected to take the minimum classes above to ensure successful development and performing opportunities. Students MUST be enrolled in at least TWO ballet classes per week.