Advanced Ballet Classes (Pre-professional)

Class Schedule

2016–2017 Academic Student Curriculum – Pre-professional Classical Ballet Division.  Advanced Ballet Classes include Ballet, Pas de Deux, Pointe & Variations, Modern Dance and Core Strength Training.

Advanced Classes

Monday5:15-6:15pmBalletstudio A Cordova
Monday6:15-7:45pmPointe &  Variationsstudio A Cordova
Monday7:45-8:45pmModernstudio A Siller
Tuesday5:15-6:45pmCore Strength Trainingstudio A Harakal
Tuesday6:45-7:45pmCharacterstudio AMcGinnis
Tuesday7:45-8:45pmModernstudio AMcGinnis
Wednesday5:15-6:45pm Balletstudio B Fadeyeva
Wednesday6:45-7:45pm Pointestudio AFadeyeva
Wednesday7:45-8:45pmDynamic Flexibility Strength BSiller
Thursday6:15-7:45pm Balletstudio A Fadeyeva
Thursday7:45-8:45pm Pas de Deux studio A Fadeyeva
Friday5:15-6:15pm Ballet studio A Fadeyeva
Friday6:15-7:15pm Hip Hop studio B Claytor
Saturday10:00-11:30pm Ballet studio A Fadeyeva
Saturday11:30-12:30pm Flamenco studio A Fadeyeva
Saturday12:30-1:30pm Practical Dance Theory studio A Fadeyeva
Saturday1:30-2:30pmContemporary studio B Eglin
Sunday11:00-12:00pm Modern/Contemporary studio B Eglin
*Class Schedule is Subject to Change. Virginia Ballet Company and School reserves the right to add, cancel or combine classes on the class schedule based on class enrollment.
advanced ballet classes

Pre-professional Division

Advanced Ballet Classes Fees & Tuition


Pre-professional Division enrolled students (Intermediate I through Advanced) will be enrolled for the Academic calendar year.

Student Registration Fee (per student): $25.00 (per semester)        

Drop in Class fee: $20.00 All classes per hour

September 12, 2016 – June 25, 2017

  • Students enrolled in ONE class per week must pay academic year tuition in full at registration or prior to first day of classes.
  • Academic Students enrolled in two or more classes per week have the option of paying in full or in eight equal installments.
  • An installment plan Convenience fee of $40.00 per academic year will be due at the time of registration.

AVAILABLE Tuition discounts include Multiple Sibling Plan, Active Military, Senior Citizen and Early Full Payment. When multiple discounts are available only the highest single discount will be applied. Except for the Multiple Sibling Plan which is honored before an additional discount is added. Some discounts Do Not Apply to the Adult Dance Division.

Virginia Ballet Company – Ballet Performance Company

Advanced Classes

Minimum number of recommended classes: 

  • 5 Ballet class
  • 2-3  Pointe/Pointe & Variations class
  • 1 Pas de Deux class
  • 3-4 Modern/Contemporary class
  • 1-2 Dynamic Flexibility & Core Strength Tr. class
  • 1 Practical Dance Theory class
  • 1 Character class
  • 1 Flamenco
  • 1 Hip Hop class (elective)

* Virginia Ballet Company students are expected to take the minimum classes above to ensure successful development and performing opportunities. Students MUST be enrolled in at least FOUR ballet classes per week.